Follicle Growth Temple Balm


This daily-use treatment, expertly formulated to address edges, patches, and thinning-damaged areas, helps repair breakage and fading for the hair you've always dreamed of. No matter your hair type or gender, this exceptional anti-thinning protective treatment is your key to achieving long-lasting results.


  1. Protect Edges and Banish Dryness: Our treatment creates a shield against breakage and dryness, safeguarding your edges from damage, leaving them looking healthy and nourished.

  2. Thicken Hairline and Crown: Enjoy a fuller, more voluminous hairline and crown as our potent botanical extracts and herbal nutrients work their magic to add strength and density.

  3. Repair Weak, Fragile Edges: Bid farewell to weak, fragile edges with our enriching formula, designed to restore and fortify for revitalized hair.

  4. Intense Enrichment with Strengthening Proteins: Packed with strengthening proteins, this treatment provides your hair with the ultimate care it deserves, promoting resilience and growth.

The Power of Temple Grow:

At the core of our formula lies the potent benefits of Temple Grow, one of nature's most beneficial carriers. This exceptional ingredient enhances scalp health, making it highly receptive to nourishment and promoting absorption for superior results. By fostering a cohesive effect on superficial, flaking epidermal cells, Temple Grow improves scalp texture, ensuring nutrients are effectively absorbed.

Anti-Oxidative Protection:

Temple Grow acts as a potent antioxidant, effectively inhibiting the formation of harmful free radicals in the scalp. This, in turn, prevents oxidative stress and maintains the health of sebaceous glands, crucial for vibrant hair growth.

Enhanced Scalp Circulation:

Through its ability to accelerate scalp circulation, Temple Grow supports the regeneration of collagen fibers, promoting a healthier scalp environment and stimulating hair follicle activity. This results in improved metabolism and better nutrient delivery to the hair roots.

Advanced 20 nm Delivery System:

Our cutting-edge 20 nm delivery system ensures targeted efficacy by enhancing the activity of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). ATP acts as the main energy carrier between cells, encouraging tissue metabolism and revitalizing hair follicles. The result? Enhanced blood flow, increased oxygen supply, and nutrient delivery for optimal hair growth.

Experience the transformative power of our daily-use treatment and unlock the secret to stronger, longer, and healthier hair growth. Embrace the beauty of nourished edges, a thickened crown, and repaired weak areas. Join us on this hair growth journey today and witness the incredible results for yourself.


For a full sew-in, we recommend the following bundles:

Lengths: 10”-18” 2-3 bundles
Lengths: 20”- 28” 3-4 bundles
Lengths: 30”- 40” 4-6 bundles


Our bundles are 3.5 - 4 oz, and are weighed prior to shipping to ensure quality and accuracy.


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