Proper Care for Your Virgin Hair

Proper Maintenance Matters

Real human hair bundles and wigs are a major investment. Therefore, you want to do everything you can to ensure they last a long time. These tips can help you wash, condition, style, and store your human hair wig to ensure a long life.

Proper Care for Your Sacred Lox Hair

How to Properly Shampoo and Condition

When it's time to wash your virgin hair, it's important that you use the correct type of shampoo. Shampoo should always be SULFATE-FREE.

Hair should be gently shampooed every 1-2 weeks to ensure your hair retains moisture.

How to Sleep with Virgin Hair

Hair should always be covered and protected while you sleep. We recommend sleeping in a satin or silk scarf or bonnett.

How to Dry Hair Extensions

Hair should be dried in a hooded dryer or allow hair to air dry to prevent bacteria and using a blow dryer can damage the strands.

How to Detangle Human Hair

Use a wide tooth or detangling comb to gently and carefully remove tangles.

How to Store Bundles or Wigs

Store hair in a cool, dry place that is ventilated. Make sure you hair is completely dry prior to storing.

How to Color Virgin Hair

Please seek a licensed professional prior to coloring any raw or virgin hair.

Should you use oil sheen?

No, do not use oil sheen or heavy oil on human hair. Oil sheen contains alcohol, which is not good for human hair bundles and heavy oils do not moisturize, they only weigh the hair down.

Managing the Wefts

Do not sew through the wefts and whenever possible, do not cut your wefts to ensure the integrity of the hair which will prevent excessive shedding.