Follicle Growth Rx Shampoo


Discover the Natural Marvel of Follicle Growth Sulfate-Free Shampoo

Unleash the potential of your hair with this100% natural, pH-balanced Follicle Growth Sulfate-Free Shampoo. This extraordinary formula is meticulously crafted to combat hair thinning and loss, employing safe, vegetable-derived ingredients that promote overall scalp health. Our shampoo is dedicated to providing a comprehensive hair care experience, emphasizing follicle cleansing, scalp stimulation, and the pursuit of healthy, vibrant hair.

Nourish from Within:

Experience the power of essential nutrients as our shampoo enriches both hair and scalp. Designed to feed your strands with the care they deserve, our formula stimulates gentle circulatory enhancement, supporting a healthy scalp that lays the foundation for beautiful hair.

Mild and Effective Cleansing:

At PureO Natural Products, we believe in the delicate balance between cleansing and nourishing. Our shampoo boasts vegetable-derived surfactants and natural preservatives, providing a gentle yet highly effective cleansing experience. Say goodbye to harsh stripping and embrace the preservation of your scalp's natural oil reserves and pH balance.

Unveiling the Surfactant Marvel:

Surfactants are the backbone of cleansing and degreasing. Rest assured, our lineup features the mildest, high-performing, natural, and plant-based surfactants. By combining two stunning naturally derived surfactants, our blend offers not only luxurious foam but unrivaled moisturization.

Key Ingredients for Unbeatable Hair:

Panthenol: Elevate your hair with volume and luster, achieving a captivating look that turns heads.

Vitamins C and E: Experience the ultimate shield against environmental stress, as these antioxidants protect and nourish your precious strands.

Aloe Vera: Hydrate your scalp with polysaccharides, providing a soothing and moisturizing touch.

Quinoa Protein: Unleash the power of cysteine and methionine, hair's essential building blocks, to fortify and strengthen your tresses.

Saw Palmetto: Enjoy improved follicle stimulation, invigorating your hair growth journey.

Botanical Extracts: Embrace scalp health and refinement, as these botanical wonders contribute their magic to the formula.

Experience the purity of nature as you indulge in the transformative benefits of Follicle Growth Sulfate-Free Shampoo. Say yes to healthy, revitalized hair, and an invigorated scalp. Join us on this hair care journey and witness the wonders of natural beauty today.


For a full sew-in, we recommend the following bundles:

Lengths: 10”-18” 2-3 bundles
Lengths: 20”- 28” 3-4 bundles
Lengths: 30”- 40” 4-6 bundles


Our bundles are 3.5 - 4 oz, and are weighed prior to shipping to ensure quality and accuracy.


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